The Elegant Economics of Bundling – How Branch Insurance Uses Technology & Behavioral Economics to Differentiate in a Competitive Market

This is episode 1 of The Yellow Book Road Podcast. The Yellow Book Road seeks to bring insights, best practices and just well-timed advice to insurers so that their future yellow books will lead them and society to a more prosperous and better-protected future!

In this inaugural episode, I spoke with 2 Insurtech founders who have a big mission. Return insurance to its roots - its mission to serve and protect. Steve Lekas and Joe Emison are on a mission to make insurance better, more widely available and in order to do that, they are using technology and community commitment to make the overall price less expensive and thus more attractive.

We discussed the mission, how they think about technology (contrary to what you might think, they view code as a liability), and their aggressive mission to return the community to the discussion. Whether you are a startup or a 100-year-old farm bureau or mutual, there are big-time lessons here are about how to create integrity of mission and technology.

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