Closing The Feedback Loop on Claims. Using Claims Data & Experiences to Enhance Insurer’s Marketing and Underwriting. A Conversation with Tim Christ of Claimatic

Claims is the product! I've heard that a million times in my career. It is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to making good on the promises that were made in the insurance policy that was bought or sold. It is the only reason that policy is bought and sold, so we should expect that at claims time, the customer is happy right?


In this episode of The Yellow Book Road Podcast, I spoke with Tim Christ, forsensic engineer and VP of Growth at Claimatic. We discussed the role of claims in an insurance organization, specifically how the siloed nature of claims leads to issues in other departments. Not enough positive claims stories make it back to marketing and not enough claims data makes its way back to underwriting. The siloes should be torn down, and claims should have a direct link to marketing, underwriting and other departments.

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